May 5, 2014
Post from The Globe and Mail….. As more people spend more time on their mobile phones, Facebook Inc. wants to position itself as the company that sells mobile advertising – and not just on its own service. On Wednesday at Facebook’s F8 conference for developers in San Francisco, the company announced the launch of a...
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This is a great article I read in Marketingmag.ca….. Thank you Russ Martin... As social grows up determined to make a profit, marketers are finding it more expensive Scott Stratten is sweating on stage at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Billed as his “triumphant return” to the conference where Stratten made his...
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What I find especially successful about this campaign is a combination of well thought-out factors. One, the casting couldn’t have been more spot on. Dean Winters—from shows like Oz and 30 Rock—really epitomizes the Mayhem persona. He wears a suit but looks like he just got out of a bar fight. He’s calm and straightforward...
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